Spring Lamb

Spring is a contemporary realist painter and illustrator of people and the human condition. She was born into a family of artists and married a musician, so she can't remember a time when she hasn't been surrounded by the creative spark. Spring was obsessed with graphic novels and comics as a teen and became an expert in figure drawing before she attended University. At West Virginia University, she expanded her interests and studied sculpture with Alison Helm and mixed media composition and illustration with Sergio Soave. During her Junior year, she went to Glenville State College to study photography, lapidary, and pottery making with Charles C. Scott. Since then, Spring has also worked in advertising, design, and marketing becoming a self-taught graphic designer for a sign shop with exploration into digital art. Currently Spring has built a career creating acrylic commissioned works and mixed media pieces through her studio, The Scarlet ArtLab. When she isn't busy painting, she is working with silk flower arrangements. What is next for Spring? Free-form art metal sculpture!