Margaret Yates Executive Director of the DeSoto Arts Council


Margaret came to DeSoto Arts Council in October of 2014.  She has designed children's clothing which were sold internationally, reared 2 children as a stay at home mom, managed a design studio for Norwalk the Furniture Idea and managed a tile company.  Her love of people and her creative talents merge as director of an organization that is made up of people with an artistic nature and those who appreciate that art.  Margaret believes that we are all created by God in His image and as such all have some type of creative nature.  Mechanics are creative with machinery; accountants are creative with numbers; business people see creative opportunities.  Everyone sees life in a different way and the world is more interesting for it.  Sharing how we see life is an art.  Actors do it, storytellers do it, painters do it.  Margaret's desire is to offer all residents of DeSoto County the opportunity to participate in the arts in a way that is of interest to them.  She welcomes phone calls and visits with ideas to incorporate art into the everyday life of the citizenry of DeSoto County.